Is a technique used to infuse a mixture of serums into the skin that help activate and regenerate the production of collagen, elastin, and melanin. The skin on the area is carefully damaged to help induce healing which in turn helps with the appearance and texture of the stretch marks.  Making the stretch marks less noticeable.

It has been proven that you will see a 20-100% improvement after one session, No matter what color and how old the stretch mark is. In some cases stretch marks may require to be treated with inkless and ink to achieve the best results.


A stretch mark camouflage treatment is similar to a scar camouflage in that special flesh-colored ink is applied to the skin with the purpose of hiding stretch marks. To make the stretch marks less visible, we use a needling device and specialty pigments to correct the color in the treated area.

This treatment requires advanced knowledge, skills, experience, and training when it comes to using permanent cosmetics. Stretch mark camouflage treatments can take between one to three hours, depending on the size of the area for treatment. Clients who require significantly large areas to cover are advised to divide their treatments into at least two separate visits.


This gentle treatment can be used on most parts of the body to correct the appearance and texture of accidental and surgical scars. The treatment works with the body's natural healing process as tiny needles inject a blend of serums and vitamins into the affected area, stimulating the production of collagen, elastin, and melanin and helping to firm, smooth, and tone the skin as it heals from the "mini-trauma."


A scar camouflage with ink is a technique that uses needles and pigment to help scars blend in with one’s natural skin. Also known as skin color tattooing, this treatment uses permanent makeup pigments to improve the appearance of scars.

The initial test patch to decide on the right color for scar camouflage normally takes 30 minutes to complete. Both the consultation and testing are often done in a single visit. As for the actual procedure, it can take between 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the nature and size of the patient’s scar.

You can expect minimal discomfort during the scar camouflage treatment. We also offer a topical anesthetic to allow the area to numb before the procedure. However, it’s best to avoid using topicals as it can make it difficult for us to differentiate between the scar and its surrounding skin.


Scalp micropigmentation (SMP) is a procedure in which tiny dots are applied cosmetically to the scalp. The procedure is intended to increase the appearance of hair density in women to hide areas of thinning hair or hair loss.

No matter if the patient has long or short hair, scalp micropigmentation provides a camouflage that appears as if they have thicker hair. An added benefit to SMP is that it doesn’t require invasive surgery, and thus, no downtime or scarring will occur.

Scalp micropigmentation normally takes one to two hours to complete depending on the area size that needs to be treated. Patients usually have to undergo two to three sessions to achieve their desired results.

SMP doesn’t hurt as much as having a regular tattoo and is significantly less painful compared to a hair transplant. After the procedure, your hair will appear fuller and denser than it was before.

All Scalp Micropigmentation treatments are charged by the hour. The pricing and treatment plan will be discussed during your consultation.